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Monday, August 20, 2007

Lots to tell but not enough time...

I will not be around to blog for just over a week, but am delighted to say in the meantime that issue 3 of
was published today with three of my designs in it. Thought it would only be two but I have managed to complete my turban.

The original construction just didn't work so rather than try to follow it in any way I just used the photo shown on the last post as inspiration and re-designed it from scratch.

My apologies for the really bad quality of this sketch but I have people waiting for me to leave the house! The top sketch is the original construction which ended up over 60 inches long. The second sketch is the way I have designed it, with a finished length of only 44 inches.

Here is how it looks

and from the back

I'm very pleased. Completely different method, same result.

Its made in Debbie Bliss Rialto which is a standard DK weight yarn and took 2 50gm balls, so great for using up the stash.

The pattern is here

knitonthenet have taken some great photos of my 'lost in music' design which I showed you snippets of a little while ago

I'm so pleased with the finished look - it's exactly what I had in my head. You can find the pattern for this one here

Am taking a heap of WIP's with me so will hopefully have a lot to blog about when I'm back.

but for now
Ruby x


Iris G said...

I love, love, love all three of them! The "lost in music" photos are superb, and what a unique design it is! The turban looks really nice. And the curtain is so delicate, it will make a great scarf as well!

Anonymous said...

Your Designs Look just GREAT--I love the especially love the turban--Job well done.

Glaistig said...

The Turban is kooky in the chic-est cutest possible way. Love it!