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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Is it a bird, is it a plane? competition

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Or in the words of Rolf Harris, "can you guess what it is yet?"

a quick little project I thought. But its sooooooo slow. Its approx 13 inches wides and needs to be approx 30 inches long and its only 14 inches at the moment. I thought it would be over and done with in two days. Nope.

This is a closeup

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I'm going to do my first ever blog competition. Please email me at with your guess at what the finished item might be and in a week's time I'll pick a winner and will send a special yarn related prize to you.(I'll hopefully have a photo of the finished item to reveal by then aswell)

for now and good luck

Ruby xx


Anonymous said...

Lazykate and Winnie think that this is a rifle warmer possibly for Camilla Parker Bowles (purple for royalty of course). We heard she likes her game shot with warm bullets.

Iris G said...

I've just sent you an e-award ;-).
Now I am working on a chart for a pair of mittens, using a historical mural as my template. It'll take a while I guess.