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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I've been tagged by Iris and Edna for 8 random facts about myself. I'm hoping that being tagged twice doesn't mean 16 random facts as I had enough trouble with the 8.

Iris has also made me a

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which feels really cool. Thanks Iris. Will pass this on to five more bloggers tomorrow.

so here are my 8 random facts:

Colours have smells. Since I was pregnant with my daughter I have been able to smell colours, in fact when expecting the colour of flourescent orange actually made me physically ill.

As a child I took a dead bat home in my coat pocket as a present for my mum.

I don't have a favorite food. I love food and couldn't pick only one. I do however make the best pavlova, even better egg custard and even betterer rice pudding.

I moved house 14 times in 13 years.

My little toes are double jointed.

I am ambi-dextrous.

I hate the taste of aniseed and therefore liqorice and fennel.

I still have a scar on my knee from my first day at school at the age of four, when I tripped over a chair and a nail sticking out of the playbox went through my knee. A first day never to forget.

I don't know who to tag yet so I'll do that tomorrow so watch out.


for now

Ruby xxx


Anonymous said...

I LOVE RICE PUDDING-My Mother made it every time I went home for a visit. I never could make it to taste as good as hers. I love you Random facts!! Now I know a little more about you and I like it....Edna

Iris G said...

Hey I didn't tag you! Just the award ;-)
I'm with you on the aniseed and liquorice fact, but I'm ok with fennel. And another similar experience--I broke my leg on my first day at high school!