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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a disaster!

or as we would say in my neck of the woods... 'I've made a pigs ear of that'

Let me explain, my 'is it a bird or a plane' project is sort of complete. I have picked a winner for the competition who I will announce in a moment. No one actually guessed correctly so I have picked a name out of the hat. I digress, it is sort of complete, but it is absolutely b....y awful. I was actually trying to rework this pattern

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Its called the two coloured turban from 'knitting for all' published in the early 1940's.
All along was very worried that first of all it seemed to need to be way way too long for its purpose and secondly the method suggested for forming a 'cap' to hold it on your head was very vague and also wouldn't work very well. I was right to be worried. I have failed. I can't make it work and on top of all that it looks awful on anyway. It was one of the accessories I was working on for the 'stitch in time' fashion show but not any more. I can't imagine any of the models thanking me.

I did receive some very amusing answers to what the project was and the winner is


I'll email you seperately for postal details to send you your prize Nancy and thank you all for entering.

The rest of the week has been taken up with finalising my patterns for knitonthenet and also tech editing some crochet patterns as well. I have decided to knit something for the fun of it next but haven't made my mind up yet. Will show my choices at the weekend.

for now
a very frazzled
Ruby xx


Iris G said...

So it was really a turban...sorry to hear that you were not happy with the results--maybe you could turn it into a hat, or a collar? The texture is lovely and the colour very pretty for autumn ;-).

Anonymous said...

Too Bad-I like it. You could turn it into a Headband.

Probably Jane said...

That's a shame - it has a real Brief Encounter look about it which is one of my favourite films. The colour and stitch pattern are lovely though.