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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lost in Music

I'm not able to show you the final photos of the design I've just completed for knitonthenet as its gone to be photographed as the next mag is live in the next fortnight.

I've renamed it 'Lost in Music' in tribute to my inspiration Sister Sledge. This is my original drawing

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She's my 70's disco chick.

I also took delivery today of this

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I've established a few words and there are quite a few charted designs. Only downside is there's no schematics but I think with a bit of work I might be able to work out the patterns.

I've spent the last couple of days fighting with my computer to stay online long enough to do anything. Apparently our 'hub' isn't working properly. Don't even know what a hub is! Actually managed to get my images transferred to flickr and uploaded onto Ravelry so my profile doesn't look quite as sad now.

for now

Ruby x


Iris G said...

The drawing is so vivid--did you recommend some accessories to go with the bolero in the pattern ;-)?
And people are still publishing knitting books without schematics? Amazing...

Iris G said...

Blogger wouldn't post my comment...I'm trying it again! Love your drawing--the expression, the pose, and the outfit--a complete story! Did you give some suggestions on matching accessories in the pattern ;-)?

Anonymous said...

I just love your drawings--especially the little heart lips. I was reading the things you wrote about yourself and I too knit while watching movies and T.V.--I feel like I am running out of things to watch..