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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

clearing out the cupboards

I embarked on my spring cleaning rather belatedly yesterday, when it finally dawned that I couldn't get any of my clothes back into the cupboards because they were already full. I happened upon my first ever intarsia knit, knitted way back in the scary days of the late 1980's with dropped shoulders and no shaping. However, I still love it...

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It's my "Whaam" jumper based on a piece of pop art by Roy Lichtenstein. (For more information and to see images of the original painting try The picture above is the back. The front shows the plane cockpit and nose

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and on the sleeve are the words "I pressed the fire control and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky ..."

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I can even remember I used Pinqouin cotton (which hasn't been available in the UK for years and years) and it took a long long time but I loved every minute, and to be honest I had forgotten how much I enjoyed colour work, painting with the stitches. I miss it and must try to incorporate into my work again.

anyway, for now, feeling very nostalgic,
Ruby xx


Geertje said...

oh it's gorgeous, that jumper (though to be honest i don't think i'd ever wear it ;)

emmms said...

O dear lord, that's insane! I love it! I think if I had such a thing in my wardrobe it would probably be so full of holes from over use. It's truly a thing of beauty. I think you should knit another...

fancypants said...

i am so jealous is there any way you would consider selling it i would pay up to £80 for it i am roy lichtenstein crazy!!!!!! plz plz plz xx :)