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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Should it stay or should it go?

I knitted this sweater by Zoe Mellor in Rowan Handknit Cotton for my daughter a number of years ago..

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It no longer fits and isn't really cool enough anymore. I have three choices really: -
1) pass it on - but there is no one who it will fit amongst family and friends.
2) pack it up in a suitcase and put in the loft for safe keeping.
3) deconstruct, recycle and re-use.

My real options are numbers 2 and 3 and as loath as I am to take apart something that was my child's I really feel its worse to lock it away for ever to go musty and fade.

What do you all think? Should I let my sentimental side win, or should I make something new?

I received a wonderful pressie off my beloved a few days ago. This great book about vintage fashion

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Not only does it provide an excellent historical reference, images are a wonderful source of inspiration. Its a beautiful book.

I have started working on a new design for knitonthenet using a Habu silk yarn

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Photos/swatches to follow shortly.

I was reminded that I had some of this yarn when reading lomester's blog. She has knitted a great version of my Paper Bag pattern. It looks fab. Made me feel so proud.

On the down side, it has rained all day today - all day.

Anyway, for now

Ruby xx


emmms said...

Hi Ruby,

Man, I don't envy you having to decide what to do with that sweater. Any chance you could keep it for (hypothetical, one day) grandchildren? You could maybe deconstruct it and make something new for your daughter out of the yarn -- a bag or the border of a blanket or something (this last one I've suddenly embellished in my mind with visions of her taking it off to uni and looking at it fondly when she's having a tough time and calling you... Or something like that).

How exciting to see someone's version of your bag! That's awesome!

Aussie Jay said...

Hello Ruby,
I've been looking at your patterns on Knit-on-the-net & popped over to your blog. You certainly have creative flair. Your cloche may be just what I need to do some stash busting.

Sorry to read of your Dad's illness. I remembered when I first realised my Dad had suddenly become 'old' & his machinery was wearing out. Sometimes its hard being a loving daughter.
My Best Wishes to you both,

-- Aussie Jay.

Tracy said...

sorry to have found your lovely blog when you are having to deal with sadness - but stay positive as you say x
sending best wishes to you and your dad
tracy x

Craftybernie said...


I hope you don't mind me commenting on the sweater, but it reminds me of some of Debbie Abraham's 'blankets & throws' as well as the drawstring bags and cushions she makes.

Perhaps as a sweater it is dated but I think it has a future as a cushion or bag that could be used again and again and again...

I liked your 'paper' bag on Knitty BTW.

Best wishes...Bernie

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby,

This is the 1st or 2nd time I have visited your blog and was stunned to see your dilema about such a FAB sweater. I don't think it is dated at all. I think kids sweaters are timeless, and I include this one in my opinion. I would put that on one of my kids in a minute.

My vote is to save it for grandchildren.

There are some sweaters that aren't special enough to save, but this isn't one of them!!!

My two cents!

Just call me Ruby said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I think I'm going to keep it as is for the time being at least.

Its not as though my daughter doesn't still love the sweater, she does, its just way way too small. I had some more of the lilac Rowan handknit dk that the edging is done in and a while ago not thinking I gave it away to someone. The colour's now discontinued and I can't get anymore.

Into the attic it goes - I think.

ruby xx