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Friday, June 29, 2007

Off to Woolfest

The weather's apparently going to be bad, bad, bad. Torrential rain all day, but its off to Woolfest in the Lake District tomorrow whatever the weather. Spent alot of money last year when I went so I shall try my best not to disappoint the stall holders this year. Friends have also given me shopping lists and I'm going to find one last treat for my secret pal.

I have several projects to photograph and blog about including the new sexy knitters project. I have downloaded the patterns for both projects and will talk about them some more next week.
However, if you haven't already got your red carpet convertible do go take a look. Its a gorgeous gown/top/tunic pattern and its helping someone out at the same time.

Mum and dad have escaped our awful weather and gone to Spain for a week. Unfortunately everything starts when they get back. Mum doesn't like driving anymore so I'm going to be taking him for his appointments. Its a couple of hours drive each way to the hospital which would have been good knitting time, but even I haven't managed to find a way to knit and steer a car at the same time, so I mightn't be as productive as I would like, but going to try my best.

for now
Ruby x

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