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Monday, July 09, 2007

Talk about Big Wool

I have been working further on my Textured Jacket pattern but my notes and charts aren't yet in a fit state to put on the blog so I'll be working on those over the next couple of days to show you my design progress, raglan shaping and pattern writing.

In the meantime the August issue of British Vogue is out and I was intrigued by this sweater for Daks by Giles Deacon

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According to Vogue we should 'wrap up in giant stitches, waffle patterns and outsized scarves and ski jumpers: these extravagant knits are winter's way forward'.

Personally I can't decide. I think these oversized styles look great on tiny people but I'm not sure they work on a fuller figure. But I would love to see what needles were used to knit this one.

I received my final parcel off my wonderful SP, Emma. She has spoilt me quite spectacularly. I have been very, very lucky. I will photograph my beautiful gifts tomorrow evening . Its 10.30 pm already and I haven't got very far this evening at all. I Am going to go to bed with my Autumn/winter catwalk report and pretend I'm Vivienne Westwood.

for now

Ruby xx

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Anonymous said...

WOW--now that is one big knit sweater---I just wanted to say I like your Designs very much and I am a member of Create Alone too.